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Work with Flo

To Yoga, Wine & Travel readers: Your readership means the world to me and I truly hope that my content entertains you and helps you someway, somehow in your travel and yoga journeys. I always speak my mind and will continue to do so: this is why you can always expect candor and honesty in all of my recommendations and reviews. Any sponsored content will always be clearly marked as such. Contact me if you have any questions (or criticisms)!

To potential collaborators: was launched in mid-2015 and features original and creative content for readers who love to seek balance in their lives through traveling and practicing yoga. Since the launch of the website, Yoga, Wine & Travel has grown to reach tens of thousands readers across more than 100 countries.

Through leveraging my years of experience in corporate communications, I produce engaging, in-depth and relevant travel & yoga articles and guides for readers from around the world. The engaging and high quality visual and written content paints a colourful panoramic picture of destinations around the globe and connects me to more than 40,000 active and engaged followers across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, FlipboardPinterest and Bloglovin’. Yoga, Wine & Travel readers have a passion for travel, wellness, sports and yoga. I’d love to collaborate with your brand to produce trusted, compelling and creative content to reach your target audience in an authentic way.

Yoga, Wine & Travel has more than 40,000 active and engaged followers across multiple social media platforms and 9K page views per month, enabling high quality visual and written content to reach tens of thousands of people.

Key statistics: 

  • 9000+ page views per month
  • 6400+ monthly visitors. Approximately 17% of readers are returning visitors.
  • High volume of direct and organic search traffic; multi-platform approach also generates a high volume of social and referral traffic.


Yoga, Wine & Travel’s high-value audience are primarily women who travel between the ages of 25-44.

  • 70% of’s readers are female, 30% male
  • 46% are 25-34 years old, 13% 35-44 years old
  • Readers are from 108 different countries around the world: 53% of’s readers are from Asia, 26% are from the Americas, 15% are from Europe and 4% are from Oceania.

*Website statistics as of January 2017

Social media statistics:

In addition to, content is also published and promoted via several social media channels. Yoga, Wine & Travel has more than 40,000 social media followers in total.

*Social media statistics as of February 27th 2017

Yoga, Wine & Travel’s articles and content have appeared in the following outlets:


Let’s work together!

  • Press and social media trips & reviews
  • Sponsored blog posts
  • Sponsored Instagram posts
  • Brand ambassadorship
  • Freelance content creation and copyediting

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