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There are thousands of wonderful books and texts about yoga to guide your practice, but it’s not always possible to pack a bunch of books in your suitcase, nor is it possible (or legal) to kidnap your favorite yoga teacher to take them on the road with you. These days, all you need to do is download a few mobile apps so you can keep up with your practice anytime, anywhere. Here are a few of my favorite yoga-related apps that every traveler should download now! 1. Airplane Yoga You

Let me start by saying a few things: you do not have to quit your job in order to travel, and quitting is not the right/best move for everyone. You can travel with a full-time job, in fact many amazing people do it and do it well, and there are plenty of other options like asking for a sabbatical or finding a way to work remotely. This article is not focused on deciding whether or not to quit (only you can decide what’s right for YOU), but rather what to do once you have

Every morning in the UNESCO-protected town of Luang Prabang, monks dressed in vivid saffron-coloured robes quietly line up and collect offerings from devout Buddhists along the streets. The alms giving ceremony, or Tak Bat, is a longstanding tradition in Laos Buddhist culture and a sacred ceremony for the locals and the monks, who depend on these offerings (often homemade sticky rice) for sustenance during the day. The ritual is conducted in silence and has become a “must-see” attraction for tourists – a spectacle. While it is possible to observe the ceremony,

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” – Winston Churchill So you might be thinking to yourself, “I want to volunteer abroad, where do I start?” With a wealth of different program options around the world, there are some important factors to consider as you conduct your research and due diligence. To find out how best to go about making this decision, I decided to ask one of my closest friends, Cherry Ng. Cherry and I have known each other since we

I don’t own a DSLR, point-and-shoot or mirrorless camera, nor do I know how to use an actual camera. But here’s the thing: I love taking photos of my travels and yoga journey. I’m looking into options for good cameras (recommendations welcome!) but until I invest in a proper camera, it’s just up to me and my trusty 8 megapixel iPhone 6 camera to capture photos. Up until about 2015, I didn’t always take photos while traveling, it just wasn’t something I was used to doing. In the past, my phone’s

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