Hong Kong Travel Guides & Tips

Hong Kong is an incredible city and has a ton of beautiful sights to offer. Read on for a collection of destination guides to find out the best places to see and things to do in Hong Kong, where to eat and drink in Hong Kong and where to stay in the city.


11 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Hong Kong

Having spent the majority of my life in Hong Kong, I feel it is my duty to appoint myself an enthusiastic ambassador for this beautiful city. There are some common misconceptions about Hong Kong (no, it's not part of Japan - and yes, I have actually been asked if I speak Japanese on multiple occasions) but also some cool facts that you might not know. The best things to do and places to visit in Hong Kong aren't ALL necessarily in the heart of the city,...

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21 Things Not to Do in Hong Kong (And What You Should Do Instead)

Are you traveling to Hong Kong for the first time? As with any new travel destination, there are some important dos and don’ts that you should know before traveling to Hong Kong. Keep reading for some insider tips and tricks on how to make the most of your time in Hong Kong and avoid any gaffes and missteps - take it from someone who's lived in Hong Kong for 3 decades! Without further ado, here are the top things not to do in Hong Kong. What...

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How to Stay Safe as a Solo Female Traveler in Hong Kong: Practical Tips & Advice

Let me start by saying, nay, declaring that Hong Kong is one of the safest places in the world. The crime rate is one of the lowest in the world and most of that involves petty crime. Having lived in the city for nearly 3 decades (oops does that give my age away?), I am passionate about sharing the best of what Hong Kong has to offer and truly believe that it is a destination that has something for every single type of traveler....

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How to Score Cheap Airport Express Tickets in Hong Kong

Hong Kong boasts one of the most efficient airport trains in the world: the Hong Kong Airport Express. Taking the Airport Express is by far the quickest way to travel between downtown Hong Kong (Central) and the Hong Kong International Airport in Chek Lap Kok. Trains depart at approximately 10 minute intervals from 05:50 to 00:48 daily, and the journey takes just 24 minutes from the airport to downtown Hong Kong! Read on for how to score discounted Airport Express tickets in Hong Kong....

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20 Things to Do in Hong Kong That Probably Aren’t in Your Guidebook

The Big Buddha, Avenue of Stars, the Peak, Man Mo Temple, Stanley Market, Temple Street...these are but a few of the typical "Top 10" places to visit in Hong Kong that you always hear or read about (click here to read more about these top iconic Hong Kong sights). Not to say that they aren't spectacular and fun, but there are a whole host of off-the-beaten-path places to visit and...

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An Insider’s Travel Guide to the Most Colourful Places in Hong Kong

If you are a regular reader of Yoga, Wine & Travel and are following me on Instagram, then it'll be no surprise to you that I'm all about big, bold, bright, beautiful colours. Hong Kong has been home for more than 3 decades and is a feast for the eyes (and stomach, of course) - almost every single corner is extremely photogenic! It is one of the most vibrant cities...

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12 Easy Hong Kong Day Trip Ideas for When You Need a Change of Scenery

Contrary to popular belief, Hong Kong is more than just a city with hundreds of towering skyscrapers. In reality, it is made up of more than 200 islands, country parks, hiking trails, beaches and waterfalls...most of them located no more than an hour away from the CBD! There are plenty of incredible things to do for first-time visitors to Hong Kong, and also unique and offbeat things to do in...

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Tai Long Wan in Sai Kung: A Guide to Hong Kong’s Secret Beaches

Tai Long Wan is a rugged crescent-shaped bay on the far northeast coast of Hong Kong in Sai Kung. Tai Long Wan means “big wave bay” in Cantonese and is one of handful of identically named beaches including one in Shek O and another on Lantau island. This one, however, offers a row of pristine white-sand beaches where you can swim, sunbathe or even surf when the conditions are right...

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The Ultimate Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Survival Guide

The Hong Kong Sevens (AKA Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens) is one of the most popular sporting events in Asia, attracting some of the world's greatest rugby players and tens of thousands of people who gather to watch fast-paced sevens matches. The Hong Kong 7s has been around since the mid-1970s and is one of the most crucial tournaments in the World Rugby Sevens Series. It's not just an...

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The Best Victoria Harbour Cruises in Hong Kong to Suit Every Budget

Victoria Harbour has a rich history and played a major role in turning Hong Kong into the city it is today. The harbour’s strategic location on the Far East trade routes and Asia-Pacific basin was instrumental in Hong Kong’s development into a major trading hub, and to this day it is still one of the busiest ports in the world. After dark, the harbour really comes to life and I...

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Where to See Pink Dolphins in Hong Kong and How to Choose a Responsible Tour Operator

Up until recently, I prioritized traveling to far-flung places like Italy, Australia and South Africa over my own backyard in Hong Kong. I could always explore Hong Kong later on, it would always be there and there's no need for a sense of urgency, right? Turns out that I was pretty dead wrong, because seeing a pink dolphin in Hong Kong has always been on my to-do list, but the local...

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Where to Pick Your Own Strawberries in Hong Kong

Though Hong Kong has some of the absolute best restaurants in the world, the vast majority of the produce available in Hong Kong is imported. While it's true that you can get pretty much anything you want in Hong Kong, take a walk through any supermarket in the city and you'll balk at the price of produce (and don't even get me started on the outrageous prices for organic or...

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Wan Chai Neighbourhood Guide: Where to Eat, Drink, Stay and Play

Wan Chai (or Wanchai) is one of the most vibrant neighbourhoods in Hong Kong, and I'm not just saying that because I've lived here for the past decade. Oftentimes you will hear that Hong Kong is a city of contrasts: old and new, East and West, high-rises and nature, all co-existing in harmony. Wan Chai is a perfect example of the confluence of all of those opposing elements. Where is...

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10 Short Hikes in Hong Kong With Amazing Views (Tips From a Local!)

Hong Kong is often considered to be a concrete jungle with colossal skyscrapers, but in reality the city is a tropical island with a splash of towering high-rises. One of the best ways to make the most of what Hong Kong has to offer is to embark on one of the 50-plus hiking trails and immerse yourself in nature. But here's the thing, some of the best Hong Kong hikes...

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Where to Go for the Best Street Art in Hong Kong

Over the past few years, street art has truly taken off in Hong Kong. The appearance of mainstream street art is a relatively new phenomena and culture in this metropolitan city, with many local and international artists leaving their mark in the form of captivating murals - there's nothing cookie-cutter about the street art pieces in Hong Kong! This makes Hong Kong one of the most colourful places to explore,...

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Where to Shoot Street Photography in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is, undeniably, one of the most photogenic places in the world. What makes this city unique is the effortless fusion of old and new, delicate blend of traditional and modern, and amalgamation of Asian and Western elements. While the picture-perfect skyline is captivating, some of my favourite photos of Hong Kong were not taken at the "Instagram-famous" hotspots; instead, they were taken down quiet side streets or of...

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Indulge in Nostalgia at the Hong Kong Museum of History

This is not your average museum experience. We've all been taught that history is a dry subject...yet it doesn't have to be, and I don't believe that you can truly experience a destination without an understanding of its culture and heritage. Growing up here, I've witnessed the city evolve and change over the decades, and sometimes I wonder if the fragments of "Old Hong Kong" still exist. The Hong Kong...

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20+ Top Hong Kong Restaurants You Must Visit

It's no secret that Hong Kong is full of amazing restaurants: Hong Kong has one of the world’s highest per capita concentrations of eateries – there is 1 restaurant for every 300 people! You could easily have a hearty traditional Cantonese breakfast followed by fragrant Thai dishes for lunch, sneak in a little Japanese as an afternoon snack and round it all off with an authentic Neapolitan pizza for dinner...

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8 Delicious Asian Dessert Joints Not to Miss in Hong Kong

To be entirely honest, I rarely get a craving for dessert and tend to avoid super sugary food, but I find it really hard to say no to a good coffee ice cream and have been known to hunt down mango-flavored shaved ice. The beauty of Hong Kong's restaurant scene is that you can seriously find anything that tickles your fancy: for me, that's unique (mostly Asian) desserts that you...

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10 Best Speakeasies in Hong Kong For Your Cocktail Fix

There's something so alluring about seeking out a hidden bar away from prying eyes, and Hong Kong is no stranger to the speakeasy concept. Some of the best cocktail bars in Hong Kong are disguised as retail shops, concealed away in dead-end alleyways, tucked behind a faux phone booth or even hidden within another speakeasy. Whether you call this vibrant city home or are a first-time visitor to Hong Kong, you...

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7 Fantastic Yoga Studios in Hong Kong You Should Check Out

Hong Kong, home to the iconic Big Buddha, Victoria Peak and Star Ferry. The city is a wonderful mix of concrete jungle and lush greenery, country parks and hiking trails, but is also famous for being the international finance hub of Asia and a serious “work hard, play hard” philosophy. It’s no wonder that people are embracing yoga for the physical, mental and spiritual benefits and yoga studios are...

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Yoga Studios Around the World: The Yoga Room in Hong Kong

When I'm home in Hong Kong, chances are you'll find me with my dogs at home, out at one of these rooftop bars or practicing yoga at The Yoga Room. For anyone looking at yoga studios in Hong Kong, here are some things I would share about my experience at The Yoga Room and what I love about practicing there. Practicing physical Yoga poses feels amazing, but it's not the...

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Asia Yoga Conference 2019 Guide: What to Expect and What’s New

One of the biggest (and perhaps most dangerous) misconceptions about doing a Yoga Teacher Training is that you're "done" after a 200 or 500-hour course, and that you've learned all you need to (or might want to) know about Yoga. That simply isn't true: you never stop learning, and even after hundreds of additional hours of training, I find myself craving more knowledge on everything Yoga-related. As cheesy as it...

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8 Tried-and-Tested Luxury and Boutique Hotels in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the best cities in the world to explore: contrary to popular opinion, it has much, much more to offer beyond its picture-perfect skyline! Those with more time in the city are just a short hop and skip away from some of the best hidden beaches in Asia, easy hiking trails with breathtaking views, outlying islands and other fantastic Hong Kong day trip destinations. If you...

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The Fleming Hong Kong: A Boutique Hotel That Celebrates the City’s Heritage

I am fiercely in love with Hong Kong, my home of more than three decades. But the truth is, the city hasn't truly embraced the boutique hotel concept, even after all these years. Name a big international hotel chain - any brand - and the chances are that you'll find at least two, if not three of their properties in Hong Kong. But smaller, design-led hotels are still far and...

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