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To quote Condé Nast Traveler, “Sri Lanka Is Ready for Its Close-Up“. Since my first trip to Sri Lanka in 2015, I have been back every 2-3 months and it almost feels like a second home now. It feels like Sri Lanka’s reputation as the up-and-coming destination in Asia has truly blossomed over the past 18 months and if for some reason you need convincing, here are 10 excellent reasons why now is the time to see Ceylon. There are some common misconceptions about Sri Lanka as the civil war

Wow that was a mouthful! Let me start by saying that we were ambitious (perhaps ridiculously so) when putting together and following this itinerary, so while it can be done, it involves driving for long stretches and covering a lot of ground. The upside is that you get to see key historical and archaeological spots around Mainland Greece in under a week! Would I do it again? Yes. But I’d probably add an extra day on either end of the itinerary. I bet you’re wondering, “why 6 days? why not 7?

“All Roads Lead to Rome.” And so they should! The term stems from the fact that Rome was the epicenter of major roads during the peak of the Roman Empire. Rome was the first Italian city I ever visited, and the Eternal City is what got me hooked on the beautiful country. If you are contemplating traveling to Rome to see the famous Coliseum, Castle of Angels, Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain, you absolutely must plan that trip ASAP! There is a reason why Rome is one of the most visited

Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world, and is sometimes referred to as the cradle of Western civilization. The arts and philosophy thrived here, it is steeped in culture and ancient history, and its landscape is dominated by the stunning Acropolis. Like most things in Greece, there is a tale behind how the city got its name and the myth goes something like this: the city was prosperous and beautiful, but did not have a patron god that it paid tribute to. Athena, goddess of wisdom, and

You can’t talk about Greek mythology and history without referencing Delphi. Once considered the centre of the world, Delphi was home to the most famous oracle (no, they probably didn’t look like the ones in 300: the movie) in all of Greece and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After visiting Athens, Olympia and Meteora, Delphi was our last stop in mainland Greece before hopping over to Santorini. If you’re considering visiting Delphi (because honestly, why wouldn’t you?), it’s very easy to do a day trip from Athens; alternatively,

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