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Photo from the Yoga Garden After four long, incredible, exhausting, challenging and wonderful weeks, I graduated from a RYT 200 program! A few weeks ago, I shared some thoughts on the experience midway into the course, and wanted to share some factors I considered and pondered over when I was trying to choose the right YTT program for me. There is no shortage of yoga schools that offer a multitude of different programs, so there are a number of things to think about before you shell out thousands of dollars. Before

So, you’re getting itchy feet and want to go on a holiday, you just don’t know where yet. That’s the exact position I was in last November, when I decided to take an extended break between jobs to recharge (and learn to surf!). How do you decide on where to go next? Here are some things that I found myself thinking about when planning my travels. Last November, I was based in Hong Kong and if you’ve ever traveled to Hong Kong (if you haven’t yet, read this post), or

I am currently two weeks into a month-long RYT 200 yoga teacher training program at the Yoga Garden in San Francisco. I had about five weeks to sort out my relocation back to Asia, so thought to myself: if not now, when? I’m half way through the program and it has been intense, exhausting, but extremely engaging and I’m learning tons about “Yoga” and making new friends along the way: I am so happy with the decision to do my RYT 200 training at this particular school, and have some

I’ve been reminiscing about my trip to Rome, Sorrento, Capri and the Amalfi coast lately, so the website has been very Italy-heavy (which is not a bad thing). Nevertheless, I’m switching gears a little and looking Kyoto, Japan in this edition of Wanderlust Wednesday. I’ve been to Japan for work trips in the past, but never made it beyond the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. Setting aside the fact that Japanese cuisine is one of my favorites, Kyoto has 17 – you read that right – seventeen UNESCO World Heritage

So this is completely overdue given I was in Italy a few weeks ago, but relevant nonetheless! When isn’t Italy relevant? After our time in Rome, Sorrento and Capri, I was sure it couldn’t get any better. There is so much more that Italy has to offer. How to get to the Amalfi Coast This trip is the first time I traveled with nothing but a backpack and I thought I would miss my little wheelie carry-on, but the whole point of bringing the backpack is so that we could take a scooter

Trying to practice yoga when you’re on the road and traveling is not always easy. I’ve written in the past on how to choose a yoga studio while you’re globetrotting, and I thought it would also be worth writing a little about my experiences at various yoga studios around the world. In June, I relocated to San Francisco for work and was faced with having to find a new yoga studio, one that I loved as much as The Yoga Room back home in Hong Kong. I ended up looking

Capri is one of those places you hear about a lot and for some reason, I had never imagined that one day I’d eventually make it over. Although it is completely overrun with tourists, being in Capri was a fairly surreal feeling it is a truly stunning place to visit. See above. Boom. I should preface this with a minor disclaimer: I don’t have any recommendations on where to eat and drink in Capri, mostly because I stuffed my face at breakfast in Sorrento and physically could not eat anything else. Gluttony

As you may know, I hit up Italy at the end of August and the first stop of the trip was Rome. We stayed in Rome for a grand total of two days before moving onto a part of Italy that we hadn’t visited before: Sorrento, Capri and the rest of the Amalfi coast. Sorrento was a breath of fresh air (literally), and a complete 180 from the fanny pack and selfie-stick-toting tourist-filled streets of Rome. Getting there Getting to Sorrento from Rome should have been easier and more pleasant

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