7 Yoga Poses for Surfers of All Levels

It’s no secret that yoga and surfing go well together and have many aspects in common. Both yoga and surfing have clear benefits for both body and mind, and as I learned when I finally stood up on the face of a green wave last year, yoga can seriously complement and help enhance surfing performance through flexibility, focus (dharana), balance and breath work (pranayama) just to name a few. Even Kelly Slater has embraced yoga into his repertoire!

While surfing can be exhilarating and there’s no better feeling than riding the open face of a wave, actions such as paddling, pressing and popping up into the functional stance, and turning can cause a buildup of tension in certain areas of the body.

There are a number of yoga poses that can help not only to prepare the body for surfing, but also to restore a state of balance to the body after surfing and reduce the risk of pain and injury.

To learn the best yoga poses for surfers, I spoke with Garrett Lane, ERYT-500 yoga teacher, a registered physiotherapist, a high performance surf coach and head of the surf & yoga program at Talalla Surf.

Read on for 7 yoga poses all surfers should practice on DoYouYoga.com

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