Tiger's Nest in Bhutan in the clouds

30 Travel Photos of Bhutan That Will Make You Want to Visit The Last Shangri-la

Colourful houses in Paro Bhutan with text overlay Cat in Bhutan with Tiger's Nest Monastery in the background with text overlay Tiger's Nest Monastery in Bhutan with text overlay

You might have read or heard about Bhutan in passing and wondered “where is that country?” It is a predominantly Buddhist Kingdom perched high in the Himalayas and is often referred to as “The Last Shangri-la”. In addition to its beautiful landscape, stunning monasteries and unique culture, Bhutan is also known for developing the philosophy of Gross National Happiness. The idea is to gauge the country’s development by measuring its citizens’ well-being, not just economic success and gross domestic product.

Tourism to Bhutan is growing and it’s not difficult to understand why. Although the country is open to foreign tourists, all tourists must travel on a guided tour operated by a licensed tourist company and cannot travel independently in the kingdom. Bhutan is also well known for its array of colourful and grand religious festivals throughout the year: they draw big crowds of both local and tourists and it is believed that everyone must attend a “Tshechu” and watch the mask dances at least once to receive blessings and wash away their sins.

You will be in absolute awe of the country’s architecture, people, food and culture. I’ve put together a gallery of photos of Bhutan to remind me of this wondrous place, and hopefully inspire you to visit this kingdom sooner rather than later as well.

Have you been to Bhutan before? Tell me all about it in the comments section below.

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  1. I really love this idea of Wanderlust Wednesday! Such a col way to learn more about a place you want to go to and such gorgeous photos you’ve chosen! Ahhh you’ve made me want to go here too!

  2. Girl….I’m dying to go to Bhutan!!!! Haha!! Looks so amazing!!! Thank you for sharing the inspo on FlyAwayFriday and can’t wait to see what you share next!

  3. I’ve never been but like you said, the photos sure make me want to visit Bhutan!! So gorgeous!!! Great job picking those photos out, they’re all stunning. Thank you so much for joining #FlyAwayFriday, see you in 2 weeks!

  4. None of my friends were there and I´ve never imagined it could be that beautiful! I´m in awe : been dreaming of Tibet for a while. Should definitely include Bhutan to my route!

  5. This is an offbeat destination. I don’t really see a lot of Bhutan in my feed but the place sure looks historic and beautiful. 🙂

    Ps. Isn’t there a political distress there?

  6. Bhutan is a major bucket list destination for me! I really respect the country’s approach to tourism, and its focus on sustainability and overall happiness. I hope to visit some day! #FlyAwayFriday

  7. Wow, these photos are quite something! I must admit I have never done much research into Bhutan – but the architecture is exquisite! It’s hard to comprehend what kind of effort must have been made to construct these buildings on such steep hills. Incredible work.

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