9 Easy Tips to Find Stability in Standing Balance Poses

Tree, Eagle, Warrior Three, Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe, Lord of the Dance, Half Moon and Bird of Paradise pose are just a few of many standing balance poses that challenge our focus, stability and strength. This class of poses demands our undivided attention and awareness, but offers an array of amazing benefits including reducing anxiety, building strength in the legs, hips and core, promoting concentration, and encouraging a sense of calm.

It can sometimes feel as if you are using every ounce of concentration so that you don’t wobble and fall over in a standing balance pose. In addition to practicing these poses more regularly and consistently, here are 9 key tips and actions to help you find stability in standing balance poses.

1. Press down through the four corners of your feet

Strengthen your foundation and standing leg by pressing down through all four corners of your feet to create a solid base. This effectively also helps to distribute the weight evenly to help you maintain balance.

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