Wonderful Travel Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Havana in Cuba


Oh, Havana nights! It’s too bad it reminds me of one of the all time worst movies ever made, but what I wouldn’t do to walk through the old streets of Havana, take in all the rich culture and sip on mojito after mojito. This is going to happen…one day, hopefully before a McDonald’s opens up shop.

To tide me over until I eventually make it over to Havana, I’ve curated a few photos from talented Instagrammers. Hopefully it will keep me motivated to get to this wondrous place sooner, rather than later, and inspire you to visit Havana as well.

A big thank you to the Instagrammers below who were kind enough to let me share their photos! I encourage you to take a look at the rest of their Instagram feeds for more beautiful pics.

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Have you been to Cuba? What did you think?

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