12 Things You Should Know Before Traveling on a Luxury Train in India

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Hopping on one of the luxury trains in India is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Here’s what you need to know!

India is perhaps one of the most complex, vibrant, diverse, rich and sometimes confusing destinations to travel to. There are a number of ways to get around India – by car, plane, bus and regular passenger trains, but perhaps the most unique of them all is by opulent, luxury trains that take you back to the days when Maharajas ruled the empire. I was fortunate enough to travel aboard one of the luxury trains in India (The Golden Chariot train) for 1 week and it is one of those experiences that I would recommend that every traveler try, at least once in their lives. If you are thinking about embarking on a luxury train journey in India, here are a few things you should know about the top luxury trains in India!

12 things to know before going on one of the luxury trains in India

Once you have experienced life aboard one of the luxurious trains in India you may never go back, and every other railway journey is going to have some seriously lofty standards to live up to. Wondering what it’s like to travel around India by luxury train? Read on!

1. There are several options and routes to choose from

Luxury trains in India Golden Chariot

India has not 1, but a total of 5 different luxury trains operating around India, with most itineraries lasting approximately 1 week. There are 1 dozen or so different routes that you can choose from, but here are the general week-long ones that you can embark on.

Luxury train experience in India

For more information about the routes, cabin options, destinations and where the trains depart from, click here for a comparison chart. Here is a list of luxury trains in India, together they offer some of the best train routes across the country:

Palace on Wheels itinerary:  Delhi – Jaipur – Sawai Madhopur – Chittorgarh – UdaipurJaisalmerJodhpur – Bharatpur – Agra – Delhi

Deccan Odyssey itinerary: Mumbai – Nashik – Aurangabad (Ellora Caves) – Ajanta Caves – Kolhapur – Goa – Sindhudurg – Mumbai

Maharajas’ Express itinerary: Delhi – Jaipur – Ranthambore – Fatehpur Sikri – Agra – Gwalior – Khajuraho – Varanasi – Lucknow – Delhi

The Golden Chariot itinerary: Bengaluru – Mysore – Srirangapatna – Kabini – Hassan – Belur – Halebid – Shravanabelagola – Hospet – Hampi – Gadag – Badami Pattadakal – Goa – Bengaluru or Bengaluru – Chennai –  Mahabalipuram – Pondicherry – Tanjavur – Trichy – Madurai – Trivandrum – Aleppey – Kochi – Bengaluru

Royal Rajasthan itinerary: Delhi – Jodhpur – Udaipur – Chittorgarh – Sawai Madhopur – Jaipur – Khajuraho – Varanasi – Agra – Delhi (The Royal Rajasthan stopped operating in 2017. Its train carriages are now being used on the Palace on Wheels circuit.)

Heading to the Golden Triangle? Click here for a complete guide to visiting Delhi, Agra and Jaipur for first time visitors to India!

2. The rooms are very comfortable

Golden Chariot India luxury train room

Take everything you know about Indian train travel and throw it out of the window. The standard rooms have comfortable beds (twin configuration or double), a proper running toilet and a shower with hot water (but that still doesn’t mean you should drink from the tap).

Golden Chariot India luxury train room

Though the decor and furnishing is slightly dated given the trains have been running for approximately a decade or longer, the train management company and local tourism ministries are planning renovations. The rooms aboard the Golden Chariot train also had TVs with multiple channels and a variety of Western and local films playing throughout the day.

3. But you need to be prepared if you’re a light sleeper

Golden Chariot luxury train in India

Though the rooms themselves are comfortable, the Indian rail tracks are old and rickety, so the cabins shake a fair bit when the train is moving. If you are a light sleeper you’ll want to bring some earplugs, and if you are prone to motion sickness you’ll want to bring some dramamine. I slept like a baby throughout the week, but a few of my fellow passengers woke up several times when the train was moving.

4. It costs a pretty penny

Tipu Sultain Summer Palace in India

Yup, the experience comes with a hefty price tag – typically somewhere between US$600-1200 per night. However, the prices are pretty much all-inclusive: includes accommodation on board, the meals, the sightseeing trips, the entrance fees (while entering monuments, parks, palaces and other sightseeing locations). Some trains include the cost of alcoholic beverages, some don’t, and the packages do not include gratuities for the guides, butlers and other service staff.

5. A great way to see a lot in very little time

Vijaya Vitthala Temple Hampi India

Boy oh boy, there was never a dull moment – each day there are day trips planned and you travel to the sightseeing locations by luxury coach. In 1 weeks’ time we explored palaces and temple complexes, went on a wildlife safari, frolicked on the beach, visited a coffee plantation and much much more.

Mysore Palace in Karnataka India

In the evenings there are additional activities such as henna artists onboard, cooking demonstrations and occasionally dance parties as well.

KR Flower Market in Bangalore India

That being said, you don’t actually spend as much time as you’d think aboard the train, as you’re often out the door by 8 or 9 AM and back at the train, ready to depart from the platform at 6 to 7 PM.

6. Suitable for most ages

Golden Chariot luxury train in India
Photo credit: Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India / Jinson Abraham

You would think that most people opting to travel by luxury train are retirees, but that just isn’t true. During our week aboard the Golden Chariot train there were people ranging from 25 to 60+ years old. On our train there were retirees, families with young children under the age of 5, solo yuppies and so on.

Golden Chariot India luxury train bar lounge

Because the train takes care of everything, you don’t have to worry about logistics and transportation at all, so it is a great option for people who don’t want to sort out the logistics of travelling through India. I was a solo female traveller and would recommend this experience for women who are planning a trip to India.

7. Onboard wifi is pretty patchy

This is a given. Because the trains travel through some pretty remote parts of India, the onboard wifi might cut out from time to time, and isn’t always available throughout the entire length of the train. On the Golden Chariot train, onboard wifi was only available in the dining carts and lounge cart, though the management company offered some additional mobile wifi dongles for us. Wifi is also available on the luxury coaches that take you to the sightseeing locations, but again it can be fairly slow and unreliable, depending on how many people connect to it. The best way to get around this issue is to purchase a local SIM card (approximately 250 INR if you buy it it in town, or 1200 INR if you buy it from Delhi airport) – but you still might not get cell reception in some areas.

8. You’re going to put on a few pounds

Thali platter on Golden Chariot luxury train in India

I don’t know how the chefs manage this with a small kitchen, but the food onboard is absolutely scrumptious. You can expect fancy 3-course dinners and Western and continental options.

Golden Chariot luxury train cooking demonstration

The menu changes every day aboard the India luxury trains so you’re never bored, and you’ll try some of the most incredible local dishes and international fare!

9. Is great whether it is your first time or tenth time to India

Pattadakal Karnataka UNESCO

There is SO much of India to see, and I truly believe that travelling by luxury train is a fantastic and unique way to see the country.

Chikmagalur coffee plantation

In particular, if you’ve already explored the Golden Triangle then I would recommend that you hop on the Golden Chariot to see the very underrated southern parts of India. It may surprise you to find yourself on a sunrise tiger safari, wandering through an ancient temple before lunch and touring coffee plantations in the afternoon – all in the same day!

10. There are good facilities on board

Bar aboard the Golden Chariot in India

You won’t have to compromise on the diversity of facilities when traveling around India by luxury train. The Golden Chariot had a business center, Ayurvedic spa, 2 dining carts, bar and small gym. Other trains share a similar configuration. You can also get your laundry done at specific stops during the journey, just hand your dirty laundry to one of the butlers and they will have it back to you by the end of the day. My favorite place to hang out aboard the Golden Chariot had to be the lounge where they served up delicious cocktails and an endless supply of wine!

11. The trains don’t run all year round

Golden Chariot luxury train in India

This is probably one of the most important things you need to know. The luxury trains of India operate on a seasonal basis from approximately September to April, and each train has a different departure date for different routes. You’ll need to check out their upcoming travel dates and itineraries for specific details.

Maharajas’ Express Website

Palace on Wheels Website

Deccan Odyssey Website

Golden Chariot Website

Royal Rajasthan Website

12. The service will blow your mind

Luxury trains in India

Perhaps what impressed me the most beyond the breathtaking palaces, temples and beautiful rooms was the incredible service aboard the luxury trains of India – you’ll want to take the staff home with you! The hospitality was some of the best I’ve ever experienced, and the staff are friendly, helpful, and passionate about their jobs. From your dedicated room butlers to the waiters, everyone on board is ready to help you with anything you might need.

Golden Chariot luxury train in India

If you are contemplating a trip to India to explore everything it has to offer, you absolutely should consider hopping aboard one of its luxury trains. It makes getting around India easy, fuss-free and a trip to remember – travelling by luxury train through India is a unique experience and is not simply about getting from point A to point B. Have you ever traveled by luxury train? Share your experience with me in the comments section below!

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My stay aboard the Golden Chariot was sponsored by India’s Ministry of Tourism / Incredible India; however, no compensation was received for this review, and as always, the opinions on Yogawinetravel.com are (and always will be) my own!

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  1. Great post. Nicely shared the experience of luxury train tarvel in India with the awesome pictures.

  2. I’m really glad I’ve just discovered this post. I’ve travelled through India once via Intrepid Travel (briefly). I wouldn’t mind paying the price for this! As it gets a lot done in a short period, I’d feel safe and there would be people on there close to my age! Oh and the train looks super beautiful! Talk about royalty.

  3. This definitely looks like a unique way to see India, we travelled on a few trains in India, though none as luxurious as this! I think this would be perfect for my parents.

    1. It’s definitely a 100% fuss-free way to cover a LOT of ground in very little time! Thanks for taking the time to read this, Rob 🙂

  4. Wow, that train ride is definitely a luxurious experience, the interior is stunning! Sounds like a very convenient method to visit India, and the different itineraries look great as well. Such a pity that the price is so high, you can probably travel around India for weeks just for the price of one night! 🙂

    1. Agree – if that’s your travel style! Different strokes for different folks 🙂 The good news is that there are rumors floating around that the fares will be reduced to make it (slightly) more affordable, but the reality is that this type of experience comes with a price tag because it is very unique, fairly exclusive and a luxurious way to travel around the country.

  5. I have heard so much about the luxury trains of India but have sadly never been on one. After reading your review, I’d definitely want to experience the luxury myself. Good to know about the excellent hospitality. Your pictures look pretty great and good to know about the sleeping facilities. I am definitely a light sleeper and could use your advice well. Thanks Flo. 🙂

  6. OMG the room literally looks like a hotel room it’s insane!!! I was definitely a little shocked at the price at first but if it’s all-inclusive then hey that’s not bad at all. This must’ve been such a nice experience and great alternative to exploring India. I feel like my parents would for sure be up for this so will be keeping this bookmarked for when we get to plan a family trip 🙂

    1. The price is hefty, but you’re paying for the experience as well! There aren’t many of these around the world and the opportunity to travel on one of the luxury trains is something I’ll never forget. Thanks for taking the time to read this, Jas!

  7. Such wonderful and balanced review. Definitely these are things one should know before traveling on a luxury train in India. And I agree with you it comes at a price tag but still it is a great way to see a lot in a limited time . And overall, it is an experience of a kind. So, definitely some day, I am going to get this experience.

    1. The price tag is hefty, but I truly believe that you’re paying for the experience – hope you get to try out one of the trains one day!

  8. I love train journeys, so I can only imagine how incredible this experience would be! Still not been to India, but your photos are reminding me why I need to go. Really lovely post.

  9. These luxury trains almost sound like cruises with numerous ports of call to allow passengers to explore various cities and tourist attractions. A convenient way to explore and cover much ground within a short period of time, even though I’ll probably opt to do it myself so that I can do things at my own pace.

    1. The experience of traveling on a luxury train is pretty unparalleled, though I can understand why slow travelers may prefer to look into other options!

  10. Ahhh.. This looks super fun and convenient! I just read it out loud to my husband (as he is the type who wants hassle-free travel) and he is impressed. I love the fact that you can already explore most of India in a week and that everything is already included (although it can be pretty expensive) but I guess it’s a good enough price to pay for a luxury travel.

    1. It would take a lifetime to see everything that India has to offer, but this is a great way to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. Although it is expensive, the experience and memories are priceless!

    1. India is seriously one of the most colourful and vibrant countries I have ever visited! It can be cheap (ish) to fly domestically in India, but the roads can be fairly hectic. This option is great for anyone who doesn’t want to figure out the public transportation system!

  11. I never thought about traveling India in this way, but this sounds amazing! It almost seems like a cruise where you wake up in a new destination every morning. Also loved all of your photos, they are so beautifully colorful!

    1. You’ll either sleep like a baby, or need a nightcap (or two)! It honestly was like stepping back in time to when train travel was the premium mode of traveling.

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