6 Yoga Apps Every Traveler Should Download Now

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There are thousands of wonderful books and texts about yoga to guide your practice, but it’s not always possible to pack a bunch of books in your suitcase, nor is it possible (or legal) to kidnap your favorite yoga teacher to take them on the road with you. Want to practice hatha, Ashtanga, vinyasa, yin or Iyengar yoga when you’re on the road? These days, all you need to do is download a few free and paid yoga mobile apps so you can keep up with your practice anytime, anywhere. Here are a few of my favorite yoga-related apps that every traveler should download now!

1. Airplane Yoga

You may have seen embarassing-slash-hilarious videos of airplane yoga fails. While you probably shouldn’t attempt a tripod headstand in your airplane seat, there are a number of simple poses you can practice to help reduce muscle stiffness and reduce anxiety. The app also provides a number of bonus tips like a checklist of ways to relax en-route to the airport. The app is available on iTunes for $0.99 and I would recommend this for people who are newer to asana (pose) practice or nervous fliers.


This is a essential app to have on your phone – it’s a wonderful app to use at home and a great way to find yoga classes abroad while you are traveling; it also offers reviews from fellow yoga-lovers of specific studios and classes. The “Deals Near Me” feature displays deals around you so you can find introductory offers or special discounts for classes. The app itself is free and is available for iOS as well as Android.

3. Yoga Studio by Gaiam

This is probably my absolute favourite yoga app and, IMHO, well worth the $3.99. It has more than 70 ready-made classes (beginner/intermediate/advanced essentials, deep relaxation, yoga for back pain, yoga for runners etc.) for different levels of asana practice as well as an amazing pose library which you can sort by name, type, ability and focus. You can also create custom classes and build your own sequence using their “pose blocks”. The app is available for iOS.

4. Ashtanga Yoga

This amazing app maps out the full primary series of Ashtanga yoga – this style of yoga (which I practice) is based on a set sequence with vinyasas inbetween each pose. Sometimes you forget that upward plank pose comes after paschimottanasana, and these “flash cards” make it easy to not leave out a pose in the sequence. The app also provides simple cues for each asana, a few videos of specific routines within the series and includes the opening and closing mantras that are traditionally chanted at the beginning and end of the practice. The app is free!

5. Universal Breathing — Pranayama Free

Yes, yoga is more than asana (poses)! This is a simple and straightforward app to help you practice pranayama, or breathing, anywhere. Pranayama has a massive array of physical and mental benefits, and is just as important to your yoga practice as your warrior 2 pose or headstand.

You can adjust the breathing pattern and track your “progress”; the best part is the animation that reminds you to expand your chest and belly on each inhale, and contract on the exhale. Did you know that most of us tend to do the opposite? The app is free and available for iOS and Android.

6. Headspace

New to meditation? Then this is the app for you – it offers a number of free guided meditations and in-app purchases if you want to take it to the next level. Meditation is an important part of yoga practice and is especially beneficial while you are traveling as it helps you to be present, reduce anxiety and become calm. The sessions are straight forward and uses normal language (don’t expect any talk about the third eye or chakras), so is very accessible for everyone. The app is free (in-app purchases) and available for iOS and Android.

Looking for even more wellness apps? Head on over here for a roundup of the best wellness apps to download ASAP.

These are some fantastic apps to take with you on-the-go – what are some of your favorite yoga apps? Share them with me in the comments section below!

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  1. Awww love this post, I actually have the yoga studio one by Gaiam and it’s one of my faves too!! I’ll have to try some of the other apps too!! great post Flo!!

  2. Yoga Studio was the first app I ever actually purchased. It really is awesome. I let myself get too busy while traveling, so maybe I should try relaxing and actually carve out some yoga time when I’m on the road. I have the ability and resource…

    1. Even 15 minutes makes a difference! There are lots of other limbs of Yoga including eating well, cleanliness, building heat (hiking/walking counts!) – more than 1 way to practice Yoga than through the physical poses 🙂

  3. BINGO!!!
    This is really fantastic, a perfect yoga guru for us. Seriously I need to install them know. 🙂

  4. I love the Yoga Studio app! I use it both on the road and at home. Awesome post, I’ll have to check out some of the other apps too!

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