Food (and Drink) in Frankfurt: Tried-and-True Tips From a Local


So, I have amazing friends. They are all spread out around the world and this gives me an awesome excuse to travel and visit them, and they always know the best places to stuff our faces or dance the night away (not to mention, they let me crash on their couch). One of my first posts was a list of my favorite restaurants and bars in Hong Kong, and a while back, I reached out to a few friends to see if they’d be interested in sharing their top local picks. Thankfully, none of my friends ignored me so today we’re able to share some top choices for Frankfurt, Germany! Read on for Anna T’s recommendations!

Hi, my name is Anna. After my studies I moved to Frankfurt for my first real job. This was over 7 years ago and I’m still here. This is the reason why: I totally fell in love with the city, the people and the special culture here. These are my favorite places to eat and drink in Frankfurt:

1. Solzer

The place to go if you want to experience the best original Frankfurt cuisine the city has to offer! A vibrant German atmosphere with standard bench tables that are often shared by separate groups – you will for sure make new friends here. For a bigger group always make a reservation beforehand, as the place always gets crowded. If you are party of two they will do their best and try to squeeze you in on one of the big tables.

It is nearly impossible to find a parking space here, so use public transportation (the subway station is just five minutes away).

Must-haves: Your drink of choice should definitely be a Bemble of apple wine. If you never had it start off with a sweet version and get used to the taste, later you can move on to the sour version, that’s how the locals drink their apple wine. Also don’t leave the place without having a shoot of Mispelchen.

Try the Frankfurter Krüstchenschnitzel (schnitzel with a sunny-side up egg, bread, original Frankfurt green sauce, homemade horseradish and salad), might sound strange but you won’t regret eating it!

2. L’Osteria

Ginormous pizzas at a very affordable price. The indoor and outdoor atmosphere is very relaxing with the river right beside you. They have enough space to fit a big group – just make sure you make a reservation one or two days beforehand. After dinner get some beer at a nearby kiosk and enjoy the sunset along the river with a great view of the rest of the city.

Must-haves: Vitello Tonnato and Bruschetta (you should split the antipasti otherwise you will get full before the main dishes are even served). Every kind of pizza is great you can even pick two different kinds of toppings and they will make your pizza half-and-half, you can also share the pizza and they will serve it on two separate plates. For dessert have the Piccolo Duetto you can choose between Tiramisu, Crema di Fragola or Panna Cotta.

3. Oosten

Oosten is right along the riverside with a spectacular view of the Frankfurt Skyline. The place is designed like a crane and everything is very open and modern. On the ground floor they have the restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating. On the top floor there is a rooftop bar – that’s the place you want to go for a chill night out with your friends. Make sure you come early otherwise the best seats will already be taken. For the restaurant, always make a reservation even if you are going there for breakfast (which is very nice especially in the summer).

Must-haves: a “Lillet wild berry” on the rooftop bar. They do not have a big menu but they have weekly specials which are mostly seasonal (but don’t just go there for the food, go there for the bar and the wonderful view!)

4. Rote Bar

If there are tables and seats still available, if it’s not too late, and if there aren’t more than four people in your party, then the fellow in the white tuxedo coat will let you in (if he feels like it) – don’t go there wearing shorts or anything too casual looking. The atmosphere is very unique. It looks and feels mysterious; the décor is velvety, dark and quiet. The bartenders are true wizards. Watching them mix a drink is a spectacle and you’ll see their passion and perfection in the process.

Must-haves: They serve the world’s best Moscow Mule, but just choose any cocktail they have to offer and you can’t go wrong as they are all fantastic.

5. Pracht

A little bar with familiar home-y atmosphere in the middle of the hip and native Frankfurt “Bahnhofsviertel” (area around the main train station). You can go there for lunch during the day (they offer different specials every day) or small dinner items in the evening. They are well known for their delicious sandwiches or their Friday “Cheese Naan Day” where they offer naan bread with different toppings.

What also makes them special is their unique events like “Old School Hip Hop Night”, “Très chic-Hip/Hop Meets Soulbeats” and “Electro Night” on Sunday afternoons. From time to time they even have a flea market in front of the bar.

Especially during the summertime, this is the place to go for after work drinks or people-watching. You will see all kinds of different people, bankers, stay-at-home mums with their strollers, tourists, and of course, hipsters.

Must-haves: The sandwich with zucchini, bell peppers, tomatoes and figs, and the owner’s favorite childhood drink – Capri Sun (the only bar that would actually put this on their menu!)

What are some of your places for food & drink in Frankfurt? Tell me about it below!

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