Hong Kong teamLab exhibit

Teamlab Future Park Hong Kong: What You Need to Know Before You Go

The digital art collective has (finally) brought their immersive exhibition to Hong Kong. Here is everything you need to know to plan your visit!

Editor’s note: teamLab Future Park Hong Kong was held from July 9th 2023 to January 14th 2024. A different teamLab exhibit (“teamLab: Continuous“) will be held spanning between Tamar Park in Admiralty and along the waterfront towards Central from March 25th to June 2nd 2024.

Founded in 2001 in Japan, teamLab is an art collective that showcases their artwork and installations primarily through digital technology. Famous for their multi-sensory exhibitions in Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore and beyond, the latest display of their fusion of art and technology will be held in Hong Kong.

Light Ball Orchestra at teamLab Future Park in Hong Kong

Though teamLab has brought a small number of select pieces to Hong Kong in the past to participate in events such as Art Basel, this six-month long dedicated “Future Park” exhibit presents six different interactive installations spanning approximately 10,000 square feet centred around co-creation.

Light Ball Orchestra at teamLab Future Park in Hong Kong with text overlay Woman standing in front of light installation at teamLab in Hong Kong with text overlay
Sliding Through the Fruit Field installation at teamLab in Hong Kong

In their own words, “teamLab Future Park is a project devoted to learning and is an experimental field for co-creation (collaborative creation). teamLab believes that by changing the relationships among people and transforming the presence of others into a positive experience, we can transform creative activities, which often tend to be individualistic, into co-creative activities, while still allowing people individual freedom.

A Table where Little People Live at teamLab in Hong Kong

teamLab Future Park in Hong Kong welcomes visitors of all ages to create and interact with their play installations: The Beating Mountains and Valley, Light Ball Orchestra, Hopscotch for Geniuses, Sliding through the Fruit Field, A Table where Little People Live, Sketch Town and Sketch Town Papercraft. Ready for all of your senses to be stimulated? Here is what you need to know, but first – a quick refresher on traveling to Hong Kong.

Tips for your first trip to Hong Kong

View of Hong Kong from an airplane

✈️ To get into Hong Kong you’ll need to fly into Hong Kong International Airport. A cab from the airport to the city costs approximately HK$350-450 and typically takes less than 45 minutes/1 hour from door-to-door, or you can pre-book your private airport pick up or drop off here.

Hong Kong Airport Express train

However, the best way to get to and from the airport is via the Airport Express train. Tickets can be purchased at the station and the train stops in Tsing Yi, Kowloon and Hong Kong Island – it takes just 24 minutes from end to end! Want 20% off your Airport Express ticket? Buy your ticket ahead of time online here! Once you’ve purchased your ticket online, you can use the QR code that they send you to swipe through the special gates equipped with the QR reader.

🛂 Most visitors to Hong Kong do not require a visa for entry. See here for more details.

💱 The local currency is the Hong Kong dollar. Most places accept Visa or Mastercard, and I’d say 40-50% of places will also accept American Express. There are tons of ATM machines around Hong Kong, just make sure you’ve enabled international withdrawal or your card has the “Plus” or “Cirrus” logo on the back.

🎟️ You pretty much never have to pay full price for admissions tickets in Hong Kong as most tour operators, car charters, spas and major attractions are listed on Klook. Just click here and search for places you want to go, and book online for discounted entry or head on over here to read more about how to use Klook to book travel experiences.

📱 Buy a local SIM card. The easiest way to do that is via Klook – you can get a 7 day Hong Kong tourist SIM card and pick it up from the airport on arrival.

🚗 Getting around Hong Kong is easy. Public transportation is efficient, cheap and clean, and the network is very extensive. Taxis are cheap as well if you are in a hurry.

Octopus Card in Hong Kong

One of the first things you have to do when you arrive in Hong Kong is get an Octopus card. It is a stored value card that works on all public transportation (but not in taxis). You can purchase your tourist Octopus card in advance here – pick it up from the airport when you arrive, and it comes with HK$50 already pre-loaded.

🌤️ Hong Kong gets 4 seasons! It is not a year-round tropical country as many people seem to believe. Summers are HOT and it gets fairly cold during the winter months (December to February). The best time to visit Hong Kong for milder weather is from March to early June, and September to November (but avoid the 1st week of May and 1st week of October as the city can get busy during China’s “Golden Week” holidays).

👚 What to wear in Hong Kong: In general, there are no strict dress codes in Hong Kong; however, Hong Kong can still be considered relatively conservative compared to some major Western cities. You should be prepared for stares (from both men and women) if you wear revealing clothing.

During the summer, it can be hot and humid so bring loose fitting, breathable clothing. However, most indoor places blast the air conditioning so it can be freezing cold – you’ll want to have a thin cardigan, sweater or scarf on hand.

During the winter months, it rarely falls below 8-10 degrees Celsius (46-50 Fahrenheit) but because of the humidity it can feel much chillier. If you are visiting from mid-December to mid-March it would be prudent to bring a warm scarf and a thick coat or down jacket.

🌐 Language in Hong Kong: The main language spoken in Hong Kong is Cantonese, a local dialect. Many people speak English (or at least basic English), and almost all signs are bilingual.

🗓️ Wondering how many days to spend in Hong Kong? For a first time visitor looking to visit the top attractions in Hong Kong I would recommend spending no fewer than 3-4 days in the city. If you plan on embarking on any Hong Kong day trips or exploring the city off the beaten track, plan to set aside anywhere from 5-10 days for your Hong Kong itinerary.

The King Room at The Hari in Hong Kong

🛏️ Booking hotels in Hong Kong: Most visitors opt to book hotels on Hong Kong Island or on Kowloon side. Look into hotels in Wan Chai, Central, Soho, Sheung Wan and Causeway Bay for maximum convenience!

I’m a fan of The Fleming and The Hari which are both excellent boutique hotels in Wan Chai; Little Tai Hang and Tuve which are both located on the edge of Causeway Bay; as well as Ovolo Central and The Murray which are in the Central and Admiralty areas. All of these Hong Kong boutique hotels are within walking distance from a nearby MTR station, and are located on the blue Island line that runs from end-to-end of Hong Kong island. You can also click here for more accommodation options.

The teamLab Hong Kong installations

Beating Mountains and Valleys installation at teamLab in Hong Kong

Wondering what to see at the teamLab exhibit in Hong Kong? Here are the installations that have been set up at the temporary show at MegaBox.

Beating Mountains and Valleys installation at teamLab in Hong Kong 2

As you walk in, the first installation you will venture into is Beating Mountains and Valleys, where an ecosystem of brilliant and fluorescent flora and fauna jump off a piece of paper and move around the walls and uneven terrain.

Beating Mountains and Valleys installation at teamLab in Hong Kong

To interact with this installation, colour and draw on the piece of paper provided, scan the drawing, and witness it “come to life” in the exhibit. If you stand still, flowers will bloom, and if you walk around the petals with scatter. If you move close to the cartoon animals they will sense your presence and also start to move.

Sliding Through the Fruit Field installation at teamLab in Hong Kong

Next up is the Sliding Through the Fruit Field installation and game. The huge ramp is covered with projected light fruit and balls – as you slide down and collide with the different coloured balls, the seeds will grow, sprout, bud, blossom and bear fruit. In order to take part you will need to remove your shoes and wear socks down the slide.

Hopscotch for Geniuses at teamLab Future Park Hong Kong

Just past the massive slide is Hopscotch for Geniuses, a classic children’s game amped up using digital art. Participants hop on the circles, triangles, and squares in the water, and watch as fish, butterflies and birds come to life on the floors and walls.

Sketch Town installation at teamLab in Hong Kong

Move onto Sketch Town and Sketch Town Papercraft, a fan favourite installation that showcases people’s creations in the sprawling virtual town.

Sketch Town installation at teamLab in Hong Kong

Like Beating Mountains and Valleys, drawings of vehicles, aircraft and buildings are scanned and transformed into three-dimensional models on the wall. Guests can then touch the wall to interact with the moving objects. The pictures drawn in Sketch Town can then be turned into original paper craft to be assembled.

A Table where Little People Live at teamLab in Hong Kong

The penultimate play installation is the collection of circular “tables” – A Table where Little People Live. This interactive exhibit encourages people to watch luminescent outlined “people” run around the tabletop – visitors can move objects around so that the people jump, climb and slide onto the objects.

Light Ball Orchestra at teamLab Future Park in Hong Kong

Last but not least is the Light Ball Orchestra space, filled with what essentially looks like glowing Pilates balls. Visitors are encouraged to (gently) roll and touch the balls to change the colours and sounds in the space.

teamLab Future Park Hong Kong dates

Beating Mountains and Valleys installation at teamLab in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong teamLab Future Park exhibit is not a permanent show – it will run from July 9th 2023 to January 14th 2024. Though the website states that the exhibit is open from 2-10 PM from Monday to Friday and 10 AM to 10 PM on the weekend and public holidays, the opening times may vary throughout the year with the exhibition open by 10 or 11 AM on weekdays during particular months. Check the Trip.com calendar for details.

Wondering where to stay in Hong Kong? You may want to check out TUVE (a small industrial-chic boutique hotel just next to Causeway Bay),  Little Tai Hang (a boutique hotel and serviced apartment complex tucked away from the hustle and bustle) or The Fleming (featuring Hong Kong-inspired décor and design in Wan Chai). For even more options click here to book accommodation in Hong Kong.

teamLab Future Park Hong Kong tickets

Beating Mountains and Valleys installation at teamLab in Hong Kong

Though most people use Klook to purchase tickets, tours and transportation in Hong Kong, tickets for teamLab can only be purchased from Trip.com or FWD Max. I recommend purchasing tickets from Trip.com as the process is far more straightforward. After signing up for an account on FWD Max I still couldn’t quite figure out the “points redemption” system.

teamLab Future Park in Hong Kong Megabox entrance

Hong Kong teamLab tickets cost HK$220 for adults and HK$148 for children aged between 3-12 years old. There are also family and group combo packages from HK$560 and up.

Infants under 2 years old can enter for free, but you should add the “infant ticket” when purchasing your adult tickets as they will all be put on a single entry QR code which is scanned at the entrance. Tickets for teamLab Future Park in Hong Kong can be purchased here.

How to get to teamLab Future Park in Hong Kong

Hong Kong taxi and street art

The Hong Kong teamLab exhibit is being held on the 13th floor of the MegaBox shopping mall in Kowloon. It’s not the most centrally-located venue but it’s not impossible to get to either. There are a number of public transportation options to get to MegaBox, or you can also take a taxi which takes 15-20 minutes depending on traffic from Hong Kong Island.

If you are taking the MTR subway, get off at Kowloon Bay Station (green Kwun Tong Line – you will need to switch from the blue Island line to either the red Tsuen Wan line and then the green Kwun Tong line, or switch from the blue Island line to the purple Tseung Kwan O line and then the green Kwun Tong line), then take the free shuttle bus or walk over from exit A.

First time to Hong Kong? You might want to read these guides to help you plan your Hong Kong trip! Here are some top things to know before traveling to Hong Kong, the essential things to do on your Hong Kong bucket list, and some out-of-the-box unique things to do in Hong Kong that you might not have thought of.

If you are self-driving, there is ample parking onsite at MegaBox. The usual parking fee is HK$23/hour from Monday to Friday or slightly higher at HK$26/hour on the weekend and public holidays. However, you can redeem two hours of free parking if you visit the ground floor or 9th floor information counter and present two “teamLab Future Park” same-day tickets and show the voucher code on the booking confirmation email.

Looking for a place to stay in Hong Kong with easy access to public transportation? Look into hotels in Wan Chai, Central, Soho, Sheung Wan and Causeway Bay – click here to book accommodation in Hong Kong!

You may want to check out Ovolo Central (a boutique hotel right above Lan Kwai Fong with a view over Tai Kwun), The Hari (a sophisticated luxury hotel steps away from Wan Chai MTR station) or The Figo (a quirky boutique hotel located between Sai Ying Pun and Sheung Wan).

Tips for visiting teamLab in Hong Kong

Beating Mountains and Valleys installation at teamLab in Hong Kong
  • Head to the washroom before you enter, as you will need to get a re-entry stamp if you leave mid-way and want to go back in.
  • For families with young children, toddlers or infants – go for one of the earlier sessions as the afternoons can be busier (and more rowdy) with older children and adults. Strollers need to be parked out front, so you may want to consider bringing along a baby carrier if your child is not walking yet.
  • Wear flat, closed-toe shoes! You will be turned away from entry (like my husband and toddler were) if you wear flip flops or sandals. Children will also need to wear closed-toe shoes – this rule is unfortunately buried in a lengthy e-mail and we saw several people being turned away at the door for wearing the wrong footwear.
  • In order to participate in the Sliding Through the Fruit Field installation, you will need to wear socks so make sure you bring some if you plan on going on the slide.
  • The exhibition is open for photo and video recording, but flash, tripods and selfie sticks are prohibited.
  • Set aside 45 minutes to 1 hour at the minimum to experience and interact with all of the exhibits.

Is it worth visiting teamLab Future Park Hong Kong?

Sketch Town installation at teamLab in Hong Kong

As teamLab’s Future Park concept is focused on collaborative creation (co-creation), the installations in Hong Kong are very interactive and almost play-centric. For this reason, it’s a great place to take younger children and toddlers who probably aren’t going to be happy walking through an exhibit for hours on end anyway. Our toddlers were ready to leave by the 1-hour mark.

Sketch Town installation at teamLab in Hong Kong

There aren’t as many, for lack of a better term, “Instagrammable” photo backdrops and light displays (that teamLab’s exhibits are often known for) which means that if this is something you’re hoping for then you might be better off visiting the permanent teamLab exhibits in Macau, Singapore or Japan. You will likely get more out of the experience if you understand that this is a “Future Park” event.

Hopscotch for Geniuses at teamLab Future Park Hong Kong

In terms of size, there are fewer installations at the Future Park teamLab Hong Kong exhibit than say, the permanent exhibit in Macau which is 5 times the size with approximately two dozen installations.

The entry fee for the teamLab Hong Kong exhibit costs approximately the same as the Macau exhibit, unless you choose to add on the Floating Flower Garden, Massless Clouds and EN TEA HOUSE experiences (220 MOP/HK$).

Light Ball Orchestra at teamLab Future Park in Hong Kong

That being said, more isn’t always better. If you don’t already have plans to travel to Macau then this is a good taste of what to expect from the teamLab crew, and MegaBox is relatively easy to get to by public transportation, taxi or car.

Beating Mountains and Valleys installation at teamLab in Hong Kong

If you have never been to a teamLab and have a few hours to spare in Hong Kong, this is a chance to get creative one afternoon or morning. In order to avoid the heavy crowds (it gets very busy with a lot of people in a small-ish space), visit the Hong Kong teamLab exhibition on a weekday, preferably before 3-4 PM when schools finish for the day, or if you are trying to avoid families with young children altogether you might want to consider going for one of the later sessions as it is open until 10 PM.

Sketch Town installation at teamLab in Hong Kong

Looking for more Hong Kong travel tips? Here are all of my Hong Kong travel guides and tips.

Where to stay in Hong Kong: Most visitors opt to book hotels on Hong Kong Island or on Kowloon side. Look into hotels in the Wan Chai, Central/”Soho”, Sheung Wan and Causeway Bay districts. Check out some highly-rated accommodation in Hong Kong.

I personally recommend the The Fleming, a boutique hotel in Wan Chai featuring Hong Kong-inspired design and furnishings, Little Tai Hang on the edge of Causeway Bay, as well as The Murray, a luxury boutique hotel in Central.

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