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This is a guest post by Ava Pendl. Ava practices regularly at Indie Yoga and also did her YTT (yoga teacher training) there. For more yoga content head on over to her website!

Finding a yoga studio in San Diego is not a hard task, but finding a yoga studio filled with talented unique teachers, a strong community, and supportive vibes is a lot harder to come by. Then, I found Indie Yoga in Ocean Beach through their special introductory offer of an unlimited month for $39.

Indie Yoga has created a sanctuary for those looking to deepen their spiritual and physical practice amongst a synergetic community. This place became a home away from home for me and developed my love of yoga in ways I never knew possible.

The Studio

For those looking to deepen their practice or get a great workout, choosing a yoga studio comes with many factors to consider that will vary in importance based off of your needs. When I originally started practicing yoga, I did not envision myself furthering my practice anymore than finally being able to see my abs. I loved yoga, but looked at it as more of an outlet to stay in shape. This changed drastically after a few classes at Indie Yoga.

The moment you step inside their boutique studio in Ocean Beach, you feel the warm embrace of the atmosphere engulf you. The gracious expressions of the staff welcome you in and there’s an instant sense of familiarity. Becoming a student at Indie Yoga means becoming a part of a family; a community connected by mutual support and a love of yoga.

From the aroma of fresh sage, incense, and lavender to the calming oceanic walls that match the serene music caressing you into your practice and away from the outside world, the environment the studio has created is just one of the reasons why I recommend practicing at Indie Yoga. It’s a place I go to fall in love with my practice over and over again.

The Teachers

Taking a class with any of the teachers at Indie Yoga is an inspiring and enlightening experience. There’s no recipe for a great class that each teacher must follow. Instead, with a keen sense of their environment and students, the teachers make their classes uniquely accessible for all that step in the studio, regardless of where you are at in your practice. Great teachers plant a seed in their students minds that foster growth and self discovery, and that’s exactly what you get at Indie Yoga.

Guest Workshops

If being taught at a beautiful studio with such inspiring teachers isn’t enough, Indie Yoga frequently offers guest workshops available to the public. You can come to learn about and practice Qi-Gong or stop by for a sound bath accompanied by drums and yoga. There’s even breathwork and plant medicine workshops offered. The studio strives to offer more than just traditional asana by making education and knowledge available to anyone of interest.

Offering a variety of classes, including Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin Yoga, Indie Yoga is an incredible studio for the beginner yogis as well as advanced yogis. With fair prices and discounts available for students, teachers and military, it’s made itself accessible and accommodating for all income ranges. The studio offers pristine mat rentals, towel rentals, and showers so regardless of where you’re at in your day you can take the time to drop into downward dog.

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  1. I loved your series and this post as well. I am joining a yoga class in my hometown, and with lots of travel that I do, I would definitely want to keep in practice while I travel. Great posts

    1. Thanks so much for reading the series, Neha! Let me know if you’d like to contribute a write-up about the studio in your hometown 🙂

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