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8 Delicious Asian Dessert Joints Not to Miss in Hong Kong

To be entirely honest, I rarely get a craving for dessert and tend to avoid super sugary food, but I find it really hard to say no to a good coffee ice cream and have been known to hunt down mango-flavored shaved ice. The beauty of Hong Kong’s restaurant scene is that you can seriously find anything that tickles your fancy: for me, that’s unique (mostly Asian) desserts that you don’t tend to find in other places, and desserts that don’t make me feel like I’ve overindulged and need to waddle home after.

I love the occasional decadent cheesecake or tiramisu, but you can find them almost anywhere around the world whereas you may be hard pressed to track down an authentic mango and coconut milk sago outside of Asia! If you’re a dessert fiend, make sure you hit up a few of these spots and try out some yummy Asian desserts the next time you visit Hong Kong. Fun story: although I have been to all these spots in the past, I almost never take food photos, so being the crazy person that I am I hit up 6/8 of these spots in a row in 1 day: I would advise against doing the same!

Read on for a list of some of the best dessert dishes to try in Hong Kong and where to get them!

1. Via Tokyo

I’m a sucker for matcha-flavored everything, especially soft serve. Via Tokyo is one of the most popular Japanese dessert shops in Hong Kong which means that there are sometimes massive queues over the weekend. If you’re looking to get your matcha ice cream fix, head here on a weekday! Hint: make sure you ask for extra mochi on top.

2. Oddies Foodies

Oddies managed to incorporate one of Hong Kong’s most beloved street foods, the egg waffle or “eggette”, with soft serve and a host of other goodies. Think brownie chunks, honeycomb and panna cotta. They also have crazy cool ice cream inventions and special limited edition flavors that will keep you coming back for more, time and time again. How good does the “Cheeses Christ” ice cream sound? Custard gelato, swirled with cream cheese fudge, blueberry coulis, and shortbread chunks!

Oddies Foodies 1
Oddies Foodies 2

Photo credit: 2 photos on the right are from Oddies Foodies’ Facebook page.

3. Honeymoon Dessert

This is THE place to go to if you want 1001 options for dessert! There are Honeymoon Dessert stores all across Hong Kong and they offer a plethora of delicious Chinese desserts to choose from, but my all-time favorite is the classic mango and pomelo sago (ask for “Yeung Zee Gum Lo”, pictured below with an addition of herbal grass jelly).

Honeymoon Dessert 3
Honeymoon Dessert 2

4. Shari Shari

I stumbled upon this cute little Japanese dessert shop and boy was I over the moon! Tucked away on a little side street in Causeway Bay, this joint serves up the most fluffy shaved iced creations. Try the sake-flavored shaved ice – just a hint of sake! It’s almost like you’re eating a cloud – the perfect ~palate cleanser~ for those of you who don’t like heavy, dense desserts. The shop can only seat about 8-10 people at a time so you may need to queue over the weekend.

Shari Shari Hong Kong 1
Shari Shari Hong Kong 3
Shari Shari Hong Kong 2
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5. Mammy Pancake

Perhaps the most well-known place for egg waffles, Mammy Pancake has a few different stores around Hong Kong. Egg waffles are one of the most iconic Hong Kong street snacks and when made right are just outrageously good: they should always be crispy on the outside and soft and spongy on the inside. I have been eating these little balls of happiness since I was in kindergarten, and I ain’t about to stop now. Mammy Pancake offers a number of flavors including original, coffee and green tea. I recently tried the Hong Kong milk tea flavor which was also truly delightful. I need a “I love egg waffles” t-shirt, pronto.

Mammy Pancake 1
Mammy Pancake 2

Egg waffles can be found at many street vendors and not just Mammy Pancake, but always make sure you buy the freshly made ones instead of the ones that are made and then put out on display.

6. Yan Wo Dou Bun Chong (人和荳品廠)

Don’t knock tofu pudding until you’ve tried it! The tofu pudding here is incredibly silky smooth and is a local favorite, but don’t expect 5-star service. The shop is noisy and can be overwhelming, but I would highly recommend this place for an authentic experience in Hong Kong.

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7. Xiao Tian Gu

Like Honeymoon Dessert, Xiao Tian Gu has a massive menu full of Chinese-style desserts, many featuring fresh mango. Make sure you try their almond milk sweet soup or sesame sweet soup for something different – both are served hot!

8. Yee Shun Dairy Company

The signature dessert to try at Yee Shun Dairy Company is their steamed milk pudding, or “sheung pei dun lai”. It’s almost reminiscent of a panna cotta and was first invented in Guangdong, China. It is made using egg whites, milk and sugar and the final product is a cold silky pudding. In order to eat in at the restaurant each person must order at least 1 item on the menu and meet the minimum spend, but it’s worth it – believe me!

Yee Shun Dairy 3
Yee Shun Dairy 2
Yee Shun Dairy 1

These dessert places will satisfy your sweet tooth without making you feel like you’ve eaten a bag of sugar and dollops of heavy cream. Have you ever tried any of these Asian desserts?

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Yogawinetravel.com: 8 Delicious Asian Dessert Joints Not to Miss in Hong Kong

Yogawinetravel.com: 8 Delicious Asian Dessert Joints Not to Miss in Hong Kong

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  1. I went to a place called Sweet Dynasty in Hong Kong and had some really interesting tastes! I will definitely check out some of your suggestions next time I’m there!

  2. Haylee says:

    Ahh I have such a sweet tooth and this post is making me so hungry! In saying that, I’ve never tried a lot of these but I’d love to!

  3. Amanda says:

    Looks utterly delicious. My boyfriend has a massive sweet tooth so know that when we head to Hong Kong, I will be taking him to one or two of these places!

  4. Stella says:

    are you kidding me? this post makes me so hungry! i’m visiting HK soon so this helped me tons!

  5. Okay now I’ll have to return to Hong Kong!!!
    Although I spent maybe 10 days there, I think I even never tried a dessert.
    Just like you, I’m fond of mangoes. Coconut things also 🙂

  6. Ozzy says:

    I love food but haven’t tried Japanese dessert though. My favorite is first one, Via Tokyo looks yummy 🙂

  7. Nam says:

    Omg I didn’t know there is a milk tea flavoured egg waffle! Now I’m going to run to try it haha

  8. This sounds so tasteful. Love everything creamy and ice-creamy, so a lot of those just made my mouth water. I mean, come on – puddings, mango flavored creams… I cannot pronounce them all, but would sure love to try them! 😀

  9. Clare says:

    I don’t think I tried any of these desserts when I visited Hong Kong. A lot of them are very different to anything I am used to. The Yeung Zee Gum Lo I am not sure I could try, but maybe if someone else was trying I would have a bit. Maybe if there was something with chocolate in, I would be trying that.

  10. Amy Rebecca Krigsman says:

    I also don’t consider myself much of a dessert-eater, but some of these look worth a try. 🙂

  11. Stephanie Fox says:

    What an amazing collection of authentic deserts! My cousin is visiting soon I have passed on your recommendations especially honeymoon deserts

  12. Jean says:

    Oh gosh these look amazing! I need this in my life. I feel like I missed out when I was in HK

  13. Marvi says:

    I’ve been craving for sweets lately and this makes me hungry. haha. Will try this out when I visit Hongkong again!

  14. Lucy says:

    They all sound amazing; especially the matcha ice cream!

  15. Anisa says:

    I really wanted to try and egg waffle, but didn’t get a chance on my whirlwind trip. It is definitely on my list for next time – pinning so I will remember where to go.

  16. I love food posts!
    I can’t get over how big those egg waffles are. I want to try one!

  17. Kelly says:

    I have to say, we have some pretty good dessert places in New York, but these look amazing. I would want to book a flight to Hong Kong just for the food. The pancakes look soo yummy! Thanks!

  18. Sheena says:

    When I’m trying to be good, I read this blog 😅 looks truly delicious and I now want me some dessert. Great post!

  19. Vrithi Pushkar says:

    I am craving some of those desserts now! I need to go to Hong Kong. Slurp.

  20. Christina says:

    Omg, Flo, I want it all! Everything looks so delicious!

  21. Oh yum! We were in HK just recently and got to try some really tasty matcha goodies and of course, the waffles – it´s hard to miss those ;). Great post, if I´m ever again in HK I´ll make sure to try everything you mentioned 😉

  22. These all look incredible! Number 2 was my fav!!
    Great post 🙂

    Eb x

  23. Penelopi says:

    Thats amazing!! totally different from the European standards! I really liked the green / white ice cream!! 🙂

  24. Diana says:

    These sound amazing! I’d love to try the matcha flavour, honestly these photos have made me crave something sweet I’m a sucker for baked goods and sweets! I hope you have a wonderful week love xx

  25. Oh my goodness Flo…I have the sweetest tooth ever so this post is right up my alley! Oddies Foodies has caught my attention, their creations look so amazing! I discovered a place very similar to Shari Shari in Hawaii and their creamy shaved ice creations were the best thing, I wish I could’ve sampled all the flavours 😛

    • Flo says:

      I like to think that shaved ice doesn’t have as many calories as ice cream haha! Probably untrue considering the amount of condensed milk that gets drizzled all over!

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